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    8282Essentially, to be a valid authority for a namespace, the authority name must be a prefix of the names in its namespace. EG: `a\.b` is an authority for, `a\.b.c.d`, but `a` is not an authority for, `a\.b.c.d` (the subject's name starts with `a.b`, where we've escaped the `.`). Also any authority name is an authority for itself.
     84Authority strings are to be treated as case insensitive for comparison purposes, though they should be case sensitive for display purposes (i.e. case preserving). This is consistent with the DNS standard as these are generally hostnames.
    8486=== Type ===
    8587The <type> string has not yet been completely specified, but is used to identify the kind of resource being identified. Many APIs require use of URNs with particular types.  Use the defined types below, unless they simply do not fit for you.  In which case, please [ contact the GPO] to inform them of your new type.
    117119 - Format: `urn:publicid:IDN+<SA name>+slice+<slice name>`
    118120 - Slice names are <=19 characters, only alphanumeric plus hyphen (no hyphen in first character): `'^[a-zA-Z0-9][-a-zA-Z0-9]\{0,18\}$'`
     121 - Slice names are case insensitive for comparison purposes, but should be treated as case sensitive for display purposes. In other words, servers should preserve the case.
    123126 - Sliver names
    124127  - Must be unique over time within that AM, and are selected by the AM.
    125   - May use only alphanumeric characters plus hyphen.
     128  - May use only alphanumeric characters plus hyphen, period, or underscore: `'[a-zA-Z0-9\.\-_]+'`
    128131 - Usernames are case-insensitive internally, though they may be case-sensitive in display.
    129132  - EG !JohnSmth as a display name is johnsmth internally, and there cannot also be a user `JOHNSMTH`.
     133  - In other words, usernames are case insensitive for comparison but case preserving.
    130134 - Usernames should begin with a letter and be alphanumeric or underscores; no hyphen or '.': `('^[a-zA-Z][\w]\{0,7\}$')`.
    131135 - Usernames are limited to 8 characters.