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    1 Landing page for the GENI API
     1= The GENI API =
     3The GENI API is an effort to enable interoperability between Control Frameworks/Clearinghouses and Aggregates.
     5The GENI API implements a key interface of the [wiki:SliceFedArch SFA 2.0 Draft], providing a common interface to Aggregate Managers. Experimenters can use the API to access resources belonging to any compliant Control Framework. The API lets you mix and match aggregates with control frameworks.
     7[ ProtoGENI], [ PlanetLab], and [ Openflow] all have implemented the API and are now interoperable, as demonstrated at GEC8 (mostly).
     9The ProtoGENI implementation is live in Utah, and expected in emulab-stable soon. Contact the mailing list ( with questions on using it.
     11The PlanetLab implementation is on trunk. To run it on your MyPLC instance, follow the (link to instructions) and use the mailing list: for questions. PLC rollout is expected, but requires some careful coordination.
     13Contact OpenFlow for availability of the OpenFlow implementation of this API.
     15The GPO has developed a reference implementation of this API, particularly demonstrating the use of certificates, credentials and credential verification. Also provided is a reference client, omni. Omni communicates with each clearinghouse in its 'native tongue', and then calls the Aggregate Manager API at any compliant Aggregate. These packages are available together for download here: [ Download Sample Code].
     17Experimenters should begin designing and conducting experiments that take advantage of the broad variety of resources now available to them. Contact Mark Berman and the Experimentation Working Group with questions.
     19Full details on the API specification are available here: [wiki:GAPI_AM_API GENI Aggregate Manager API]
    321== Useful Links ==