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    1414The ProtoGENI implementation is live in Utah and Kentucky, and is part of emulab-stable. ProtoGENI has trusted the !PlanetLab root certificate (it is included in their standard certificate bundle that all ProtoGENI installs receive), meaning that !PlanetLab users can use the GENI API to reserve ProtoGENI resources. Contact the mailing list ( with questions on using the API at ProtoGENI.
    16 The !OpenFlow team has built an aggregate manager called [ FOAM], which is currently in beta testing. FOAM will be available for wide use in late November 2011. FOAM will replace an !OpenFlow combined client/clearinghouse/aggregate manager called Expedient. Expedient exposes the GENI API to reserve !OpenFlow slivers. To learn more about Expedient, see [ the Expedient developer's site]. Expedient has been installed at multiple campuses. Contact !OpenFlow for further availability information.
     16The !OpenFlow team has built an aggregate manager called [ FOAM], which is currently operating in all GENI aggregates that support OpenFlow.  FOAM exposes the GENI API to reserve !OpenFlow slivers, and implements several support functions for aggregate administrators.To learn more about FOAM, see [ the FOAM developer's site].
    1818The ORCA team implements the GENI AM API in a plug-in controller for the ORCA [ Slice Manager (SM)], which exports various XMLRPC interfaces to external tools.  An SM running the XMLRPC controller exposes all resources visible to that SM as a single GENI aggregate.  The native AM protocol in ORCA depends on features that are not yet available in the GENI AM API: it uses tickets and leases for resource management, supports multiple slivers per slice, and uses property lists to drive various configuration options.