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GENI aggregates

This page is an index of all existing GENI aggregates. See each page for details on usage policies. Production aggregates are listed on the GENI Production Resources page and have successfully undergone the release process defined in the GENI Production Release page. See the GENI Resources page for experimenter information about ExoGENI, InstaGENI and other aggregates types.

Historical GENI aggregates are decommissioned.

Aggregate providers may use the InstaGENI template to create a page for new InstaGENI (IG) Compute Resources or InstaGENI FOAM aggregates, or the ExoGENI template to create a page for new ExoGENI (EG) Compute Resources or ExoGENI FOAM aggregates, or the OpenGENI template to create a page for a new OpenGENI(OG) aggregate. For other types of new aggregates, you may use this template.

List of GENI aggregates

GENI Site Name Compute Aggregate OpenFlow Aggregate
Case Western Reserve University IG cwru-ig
Clemson University IG clemson-ig
Clemson University OG clemson-og
Clemson University WiMAX clemson-wimax
Clemson University OF clemson-of
Cornell University IG cornell-ig
Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California IG cenic-ig
Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California OF cenic-of
Florida International University EG fiu-egfiu-eg-of
GENI Project Office IG gpo-ig
GENI Project Office EG gpo-eggpo-eg-of
GENI Project Office OG gpo-og
GENI Project Office OF gpo-of
Georgia Institute of Technology IG gatech-ig
IMinds Research Institute im-vw1 im-vw2
IMinds Research Institute im-wilab
Internet2 Core Networks al2s
Internet2 OpenFlow i2-of
"Kentucky" IG see "University of Kentucky" for all "Kentucky" agggregates
Kettering University IG kettering-ig
Mid Atlantic Crossroads IG max-ig
Midwest OpenFlow Crossroads Initiative IG moxi-ig
Midwest OpenFlow Crossroads Initiative OF moxi-of
Midwest OpenFlow Crossroads Initiative ICCN OF moxi-iccn-of
Naval Postgraduate School IG nps-ig
New York State Education and Research Network IG nysernet-ig
NYU Polytechnic IG nyu-ig
NYU Polytechnic WiMAX nyu-wimax
Northwestern University IG northwestern-ig
Oakland Scientific Facility EG osf-egosf-eg-ig
Ohio Metro Data Center IG ohmetrodc-ig
Orbit Wireless Testbed orbit
PlanetLab Aggregate plc
Princeton University IG princeton-ig
Renaissance Computing Institute EG renci-egrenci-eg-of
Rutgers University IG rutgers-ig
Southern Crossroads IG sox-ig
Southern Crossroads OF sox-of
Stanford University IG stanford-ig
StarLight EG sl-egsl-eg-of
StarLight OpenFlow sl-of
Texas A&M University EG tamu-egtamu-eg-of
University of California, Los Angeles IG ucla-ig
University of California, Los Angeles IG ucla-wimax
University of Chicago IG uchicago-ig
University of Colorado at Boulder IG colorado-ig
University of Florida EG ufl-egufl-eg-of
University of Hawaii IG hawaii-ig
University of Houston EG uh-eguh-eg-of
University of Illinois-Urbana IG illinois-ig
University of Kansas IG kansas-ig
University of Kentucky IG uky-iguky-ig-of
University of Kentucky, MCV IG ukymcv-igukymcv-ig-of
University of Kentucky, PKS2 IG ukypks2-igukypks2-ig-of
University of Kentucky ProtoGENI uky-pg
University of Michigan IG umich-ig
University of Missouri, Columbia IG missouri-igmissouri-ig-of
University of Missouri, Kansas City IG umkc-igumkc-ig-of
University of North Florida EG unf-eg
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga IG utc-igutc-ig-of
University of Utah CloudLab utah-clab
University of Utah IG utah-igutah-ig-of
University of Utah Downtown Data Center IG utahddc-igutahddc-ig-of
University of Utah ProtoGENI utah-pg
University of Utah Stitching Network utah-stitch
University of Washington IG uwashington-iguwashington-ig-of
University of Wisconsin IG wisconsin-igwisconsin-ig-of
University of Wisconsin WiMAX wisconsin-wimax
Utah Education Network OpenFlow uen-of
Virginia Tech IG vt-igvt-ig-of
Wayne State University EG wsu-egwsu-eg-of
Wayne State University WiMAX waynestate-wimax

*See the Network Core page for information on GENI core networks.
*See the Emergency Stop page for information on Emergency Stop in GENI.