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ProtoGENI Aggregate

iMinds research institute

Located in Belgium, Europe. ( This ProtoGENI aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement (03/04/2015).

ProtoGENI Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Manager URL
Aggregate Manager URN
Aggregate Manager Common Name im-wilab
Aggregate Resources a ProtoGENI aggregate containing 60 fixed wireless nodes and 15 mobile wireless robots in a semi-shielded environment. See for more details.
Typical Experiments ProtoGENI provides a controllable, predictable, and repeatable network environment. Experimenters can get virtual machines or dedicated wireless PCs on which they have full "root" access, run available operating systems of their choice, and connect nodes in an arbitrary wireless topology including mobile wireless nodes..
Sample RSpecs
Aggregate Status Monitoring at
Slice Authorities Recognized GENI Portal (, ProtoGENI (, iMinds (, Fed4FIRE (
Usage Policies Fed4FIRE Recommended Use Policy. No additional site-specific usage policies.
Layer 2 Connectivity Internet2 via Geant, the European research network

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator iMinds iLab.t
Resource Owner iMinds iLab.t
Operation POC
Technical POC Brecht Vermeulen
Developer Links Source code: Developer mailing list:, FOAM, and FlowVisor;

GENI Network Stitching

Color( #FF8C10, #ffffff , Testbed supports GENI Network Stitching and is available for experimenters. Note that Network Stitching is actively being developed and tested on this rack, which may make the Network Stitching feature unreliable for experiments.)?

No GENI stitching supported at this point.