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Aggregate Name

Wisconsin OpenFlow Aggregate

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Resources The Wisconsin OpenFlow (OFUWI) testbed consists of six OpenFlow-controlled switches (all HP) and an Expedient AM/OIM/FV stack.
Typical Experiments
Aggregate Web Page N/A
Aggregate Status N/A
Layer 2 Connectivity NLR (VLAN 3700 to SiteStanford, VLAN 3173 to SiteBBN, VLAN 916 to SiteClemson, VLAN 3715 OpenFlow Core North, VLAN 3716 OpenFlow Core South)

Wisconsin OpenFlow testbed consisting of six HP OpenFlow switches; two have connected machines available to experimenters:

These local VLANs map to these inter-campus VLANs:

Local VLAN ID Inter-campus VLAN ID
3715 3715 via NLR
3716 3716 via NLR

Experimenter Support

Guides and Documents is the central repository of OpenFlow documentation, including reference material, tutorials, FAQs, examples, etc.
Support agember {at}
Compatible Tools contains links to the OpenFlow Switching Reference System, NOX, FlowVisor, SNAC, etc.

Using this Aggregate

Clearinghouses Recognized
Usage Policies If you'd like to use the Wisconsin OpenFlow testbed, send mail to agember {at} and akella {at}, and we'll help determine if our resources are a good match for your needs.
Aggregate Manager URL
Sample Rspecs N/A

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator
Resource Owner
Operation POC agember {at} and akella {at}
Technical POC agember {at}
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