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    88|| Aggregate Resources || As of 10/01/2012, the UtahUEN-OpenFlow Aggregate consists of a single HP switch that supports an InstaGENI implementation and the ProtoGENI implementation via Hybrid mode.  This configuration will change in 2013 to include another aggregate HP switch for Data Center connectivity. ||
    99|| Typical Experiments || The UtahUEN-OpenFlow Aggregate infrastructure will support any experiment on the InstaGENI and ProtoGENI infrastructure (wireless, security, protocol development, driver development, etc.) ||
    10 || Aggregate Web Page || The [wiki: UtahOverview Univ. of Utah and UEN Overview] page gives more information on the site, design, etc. ||
     10|| Aggregate Web Page || The [wiki: UtahOverview "Univ. of Utah and UEN Overview"] page gives more information on the site, design, etc. ||
    1111|| Aggregate Status || Link to monitoring web page with current status (operational status, resources available, etc) ||
    1212|| Layer 2 Connectivity || Which GENI core networks, if any, or other layer 2 networks connect to this aggregate?  Please include a network diagram of GENI resource connectivity if possible.  Make sure to note firewalls, if any, on both control (layer 3) and data paths.||