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     2= Aggregate Name  =
     4'''University of Utah ProtoGENI Aggregate'''
     6= Aggregate Overview =
     7|| Aggregate Resources || This aggregate consists of over 400 co-located PCs that can be loaded with an experimenter specified OS image and connected in arbitrary topologies.  The testbed also includes 18 PCs with two 802.11 wireless cards. ||
     8|| Typical Experiments || This testbed is suited for experiments that require a controllable, predictable, and repeatable network environment.  Experimenters can get PC nodes--virtual machines or complete PCs-- on which they have full "root" access, run an operating system of their choice, and connect nodes in an arbitrary topology.  The ProtoGENI backbone nodes are suitable for wide area networking experiments over the Internet2.  Experimenters may set up VLANS connecting GENI aggregates and other resources on Internet2 and install custom software on the ProtoGENI backbone nodes for Layer 2 and above processing. ||
     9|| Aggregate Web Page || ||
     10|| Aggregate Status || (See top-right of page for statistics on active experiments and for resource availability.) ||
     11|| Layer 2 Connectivity || Internet2 ||
     13= Experimenter Support =
     14|| Guides and Documents || Tutorials, FAQs and other documentation at  ||
     15|| Support || ProtoGENI user support mailing list: This is a community support mailing list; emails to this list are broadcast to all subscribers. ||
     16|| Compatible tools || Differentiate between different kinds of tools [ ProtoGENI Tools],  [ Gush] and Omni [ Omni] ||
     18= Using this Aggregate =
     19|| Clearinghouses Recognized || [ ProtoGENI Clearinghouse],  [ PlanetLab Clearinghouse, [ GPO Lab Clearinghouse] ||
     20|| Usage Policies || The ProtoGENI Emulab aggregate is a public facility; resources may be allocated and used by any GENI experimenter with suitable credentials. ProtoGENI Emulab users can ask for as many nodes as are currently available.  Experiments are "swapped out" of the testbed after a  "Maximum Duration" period of inactivity.   For details see  All users of ProtoGENI Emulab resources must abide by the [ Emulab Security Policy], [ Emulab Acceptable Use Policy]  and [ Emulab Node Use Policy]. ||
     21|| URL || NEED SOMETHING HERE  ||
     22|| Sample Rspecs || NEED SOMETHING HERE ||
     24= Aggregate Management =
     25|| Aggregate Operator || Flux Research Group, School of Computing, University of Utah. ||
     26|| Resource Owner || Flux Research Group, School of Computing, University of Utah. ||
     27|| Operation POC || [ Testbed operations] ||
     28|| Technical POC || [ Robert Ricci] ||
     29|| Developer Links || Source code: Developer mailing list: [] ||