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     1= ExoGENI Aggregate  =
     3'''Enter aggregate name'''
     5This ExoGENI aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement (mm/dd/yyyy).
     7= ExoGENI Aggregate Overview =
     9|| Aggregate Manager URL || Enter Compute Aggregate: or FOAM: ||
     10|| Aggregate Manager URN || Enter Compute URN:  or FOAM URN: ||
     11|| Aggregate Manager Common Name || Enter site common name ||
     12|| Aggregate Resources || An ExoGENI aggregate includes 10 Hosts (8 VM Servers and 2 dedicated PCs) that can load experimenter specified OS images. Racks also support !OpenFlow topologies, usually including extensions onto campus !OpenFlow networks.   There are 3 types of ExoGENI racks: [wiki:GENIRacksHome#ExoGENIRacks IBM], [wiki:GENIRacksHome#CiscoGENIRacks Cisco] and [wiki:GENIRacksHome#CienaGENIRacks Ciena]. This site is a <<INSERT 1 OF THE FOLLOWING: IBM or Cisco UCS-B|UCS-C, or Ciena>> ExoGENI rack type.  ||
     13|| Typical Experiments || ExoGENI provides a controllable, predictable, and repeatable network environment. Experimenters can get virtual machines or dedicated PCs on which they have full "root" access, run available operating systems of their choice, and connect nodes in an arbitrary topology that can support !OpenFlow.  ||
     14|| Sample RSpecs       || Link to RSpecs used successfully for rack site confirmation tests. ||
     15|| Aggregate Status || Restricted access to monitoring at []||
     16|| Slice Authorities Recognized ||GENI Portal (, ProtoGENI ( ||
     17|| Usage Policies || A  [ GENI Recommended Use Policy] is available. Site should also add links here to their own usage policies.  ||
     18|| Layer 2 Connectivity || Enter list GENI core networks, if any, or other layer 2 networks that connect to this aggregate. ||
     20For Compute Aggregate or !OpenFlow Aggregate, <<Insert Site Diagram Here>> Make sure to note firewalls, if any, on both control (layer 3) and data paths.
     26= Aggregate Management =
     28|| Aggregate Operator || Enter Site POC information, enter URL of organization.  This can be a person or (preferably) a mailing list that reaches all operators at a site. ||
     29|| Resource Owner     || Enter person that is responsible for site rack overall. This entry may also be same as POC. This is typically the person who would took responsibility for operating and maintaining the rack on behalf of their site, and who would make the final decision on policy that affects the rack such as usage policies.||
     30|| Technical POC      || []   ||
     31|| Developer Links    || Software pages: [ ExoGENI],  [ ExoGENI],  [ FOAM], and [ FlowVisor];  Project page: [ ExoGENI Racks Project]; Developer mailing list: [] ||