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Aggregate Name

Stanford OpenFlow Aggregate

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Resources Five OpenFlow switches (NEC x 4 and HP x 1)
Typical Experiments Any kind of experiments that requires OpenFlow. Esp. we have a loop topology
Aggregate Web Page NONE
Aggregate Status NONE
Layer 2 Connectivity Connection to NLR. For the network diagram, refer to the figure on the bottom

Experimenter Support

Guides and Documents NONE .
Compatible Tools FOAM, Any OpenFlow controller compatible with v1.0

Using this Aggregate

Slice Authorities Recognized
Usage Policies TBD. Please be considerate to the other users.
Aggregate Manager URL
Sample RSpecs See below.

Sample Rspec

<resv_rspec type="openflow">
   <user affiliation="Stanford" email="" firstname="Masayoshi" lastname="Kobayashi" password="openflowrocks"/>
   <project description="Asterix" name="Stanford's Asterix demo"/>
   <slice controller_url="" description="The Asterix controller at Stanford." name="stanford-asterix"/>
     <switch urn=""/>
     <dl_type from="35021" to="35021"/>
     <switch urn=""/>
     <dl_type from="2048" to="2048"/>
     <nw_proto from="6" to="6"/>
     <tp_dst from="10001" to="10001"/>
     <switch urn=""/>
     <dl_type from="2048" to="2048"/>
     <nw_proto from="6" to="6"/>
     <tp_src from="10001" to="10001"/>

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator ON.Lab
Resource Owner Stanford University
Operation POC Masayoshi Kobayashi <>
Technical POC Masayoshi Kobayashi <>
Developer Links OpenFlow announcement list:
OpenFlow development list:
OpenFlow discussion list:
OpenFlow Indigo firmware list:
NOX development list:

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