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Aggregate Name

A name for the aggregate

This aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement (07/02/2012).

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Resources The SoX OpenFlow (SOXREGIONAL) network consists of one OpenFlow-controlled NEC PF5820 switch with a FOAM-managed FlowVisor.
Typical Experiments The SoX OpenFlow testbed is suited for experiments that require flexible, programmable network configuration.
Aggregate Web Page Link to web page with information about the aggregate
Aggregate Status We don't have an informational page at this time
Layer 2 Connectivity via direct fiber to Internet2 Mesoscale switch in Atlanta

Most recent SoX network diagram

Shared Mesoscale VLAN Port List

This is the information needed to connect to a site on the shared mesoscale VLANs. Note that both the port and the VLAN are important.

56 Marrietta switch (0f:fa:34:40:b5:03:14:00)

OpenFlow PortVLAN IDConnects To
17 1750 Internet2
18 1750 Reserved for SoX testbed expansion
18 1751 Clemson
64 1750 Georgia Tech

Exclusive Mesoscale VLANs Port List

This includes the generic port list of what ports connect to which places. VLANs 1755-1759 are supported.

56 Marrietta switch (0f:fa:34:40:b5:03:14:00)

OpenFlow PortConnects To
17 Internet2
18 Clemson
64 Georgia Tech

Experimenter Support

Guides and Documents
Support SoX user support:
Compatible Tools contains links to the OpenFlow Switching Reference System, NOX, FlowVisor, SNAC, etc.

Using this Aggregate

Slice Authorities Recognized
Usage Policies
Aggregate Manager URL
Sample RSpecs

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator Southern Crossroads
Resource Owner Southern Crossroads
Operation POC
Technical POC
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