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Aggregate Name

PlanetLab Aggregate

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Resources The PlanetLab testbed consists of about 1090 nodes at 513 sites around the world. Experiments can reserve virtual machine on these nodes and run their software on these Linux virtual machines.
Typical Experiments PlanetLab is suited for the development of new network services. Experimenters can get VServer-based virtual machines providing user-level access to Fedora Linux.
Aggregate Web Page
Aggregate Status has information about the status of PlanetLab nodes
Network Connectivity Internet

Experimenter Support

Guides and Documents Tutorials, FAQs and other documentation:
Support Email for support. See also
Compatible Tools SFI, Gush, Raven, Omni

Using this Aggregate

Clearinghouses Recognized PlanetLab Clearinghouse ProtoGENI Clearinghouse
Usage Policies Experimenters must abide by the GENI Recommended Use Policy
Aggregate Manager URL
Sample Rspecs Reserve a sliver on all five nodes

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Resource Owner GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Operation POC GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Technical POC GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Developer Links Source code:
Developer mailing list: