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This aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement (02/05/2013).

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Manager URL
Aggregate Manager URN
Aggregate Manager Common Name nysernet-of
Aggregate Resources The NYSERNet OpenFlow network consists of two Pica8 P3295 switches in NYC (32 Avenue of the Americas) and Syracuse (2 Clinton Square) connected with a dedicated 10GE circuit.
Typical Experiments TBD
Aggregate Status Operational (no status page at this time)
Layer 2 Connectivity The nyc-3295 switch (DPID 00:00:08:9e:01:62:d6:06) is connected to the GENI Mesoscale via the NYC switch. It is also connected to the NYSERNet R&E network at Layer2, and can transit VLANs to Internet2 ION. The syr-3295 switch (DPID 00:00:04:7d:7b:6e:07:95) has access to the NYSERNet Layer 2 network if needed. Additional VLANs are available if needed.

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Experimenter Support

Guides and Documents Please contact to request access to the aggregate.
Support Email or call 315-413-0345 x5250
Compatible Tools

Using this Aggregate

Slice Authorities Recognized GENI Project Office (
Usage Policies Based on experiment requirements.
Aggregate Manager URL
Aggregate Manager URN

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator NYSERNet
Operation POC Email or call 315-413-0345 x5250
Technical POC Email or call 315-413-0345 x5250
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