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This aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement (02/05/2013).

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Resources The NYSERNet OpenFlow network consists of two Pica8 P3295 switches in NYC (32 Avenue of the Americas) and Syracuse (2 Clinton Square) connected with a dedicated GigE circuit.
Typical Experiments TBD
Aggregate Web Page This page. . .
Aggregate Status Pending
Layer 2 Connectivity The nyc-3295 switch is connected to the NYSERNet R&E network at Layer2, and linked to the GENI Mesoscale via a GigE connection to Internet2 ION. VLAN 1750 within the NYSERNet OpenFlow network is translated to VLAN 1751 by ION, then back to 1750 by looped ports on the GENI NYC switch ( The syr-3295 switch has access to the NYSERNet Layer 2 network if needed. Additional VLANs are available if needed.

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Experimenter Support

Guides and Documents Please contact to request access to the aggregate.
Support Email or call 315-413-0345 x5250
Compatible Tools Experiment control tools, instrumentation tools and programming tools that are compatible with this aggregate.

Using this Aggregate

Slice Authorities Recognized Currently in GENI, a slice authority issues the user certificate, the user credential, and the slice credential. List recognized slice authorities in this space such as the GENI Project Office (, ProtoGENI (, and/or PlanetLab (
Usage Policies Based on experiment requirements.
Aggregate Manager URL
Sample RSpecs TBD

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator NYSERNet
Operation POC Email or call 315-413-0345 x5250
Technical POC Email or call 315-413-0345 x5250
Developer Links

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