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    77= Hardware =
    9 FIXME: Describe the hardware here (model names/numbers, tech specs and/or links, etc)
     9Model: Pica8 P-3780 - 48 x 10GE SFP+ Ports[[BR]]
     11Tech Specs: []
    1113= Firmware =
    1315There are two firmware options for the Pica8: L2/L3 and OVS.
    15 FIXME: Talk more about the pros and cons and tradeoffs.
     17L2/L3 Mode -  "Standard" Layer2/Layer3 software that supports traditional switching/routing, as well as Openflow version 1.0 - 1.3.  In this mode, the each port supports both layer2/layer3 and Openflow forwarding at the same time (Hybrid mode), and Pica8 calls this functionality "cross-flow."  This mode has support for the protocols needed by the current NLR operational support model (SNMP and TACACS+).  In addition, the CLI used to configure the device is akin to the standard Cisco IOS-XR CLI (commit changes to apply, editable configuration sub-sections, configuration history).  Openflow support is basic and lacks some of the additional Openflow mechanisms like generating flows locally from the device.
     19OVS - PicOS Open vSwitch software mode that only supports Openflow forwarding.  This mode supports the same versions of Openflow as L2/L3 Mode.  The CLI and functionality of the device is more akin to a Linux server than a traditional router/switch.  In this mode, you use two programs, ovs-vsctl and ovs-ofctl, to configure the switch and Openflow functionality on the switch.  This mode lacks SNMP support, and therefore will not work for basic NLR operational monitoring and graphing tools.  Openflow support in this mode is much more advanced and includes the feature to generate IPv4 flows from the switch locally.
    1721= Topology =