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Aggregate Name

MOXI (Midwest Openflow Crossroads Initiative) OpenFlow Aggregate

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Resources The MOXI OpenFlow (MOXREGIONAL) network consists of one OpenFlow-controlled HP5406 v2 switche with a FOAM-managed FlowVisor.
Typical Experiments The MOXI OpenFlow Network is suited for experiments that require flexible, multi-regional, programmable network configuration.
Aggregate Web Page No informational page exists at this time.
Aggregate Status Acceptance Testing
Layer 2 Connectivity via Internet2 ION Circuit to GENI OpenFlow switch in Washington, DC.

MOXI OpenFlow Architecture (v4)

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Experimenter Support

Guides and Documents is the central repository of OpenFlow documentation, including reference material, tutorials, FAQs, examples, etc.
Support GlobalNOC User Support
Compatible Tools contains links to the OpenFlow Switching Reference System, NOX, FlowVisor, SNAC, etc.

Using this Aggregate

Slice Authorities Recognized
Usage Policies Aggregate specific policies on who can use resources, how many resources can be held for how long, etc.
Aggregate Manager URL
Sample RSpecs Cut-and-paste text RSpecs that work for your resources.

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator CIC OmniPOP NOC
Resource Owner CIC OmniPOP NOC
Operation POC CIC OmniPOP NOC
Technical POC CIC OmniPOP NOC
Developer Links OpenFlow announcement list:
OpenFlow development list:
OpenFlow discussion list:
OpenFlow Indigo firmware list:
NOX development list:

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