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Aggregate Name

MOXI-ICCN OpenFlow aggregate

This aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement (02/06/2014).

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Manager URL
Aggregate Manager URN
Aggregate Manager Common Name moxi-iccn-of
Aggregate Resources The MOXI-ICCN OpenFlow network consists of an HP Procurve switch
Aggregate Status Operational monitoring not widely available, restricted access to monitoring at GMOC
Slice Authorities Recognized GENI Portal (, ProtoGENI (
Usage Policies A GENI Recommended Use Policy is available. Site should also add links here to their own usage policies.
Layer 2 Connectivity The MOXI-ICCN aggregate is connected to the MOXI-CIC OpenFlow aggregate

Shared Mesoscale VLAN Port List

Switch DPID 09:bd:2c:59:e5:22:ab:00

Name NumberConnects To
B1 25 Test point

Experimenter Support

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator ICCN / University of Illinois,
Resource Owner ICCN / University of Illinois,
Technical POC