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Aggregate Name

KSU Lab OpenFlow Aggregate

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Resources The KSU Lab OpenFlow testbed consists of three Pronto 3290 OpenFlow-controlled switches an Expedient AM/OIM/FV stack.
Typical Experiments The KSU Lab OpenFlow testbed is suited for experiments that require flexible, programmable network configuration.
Aggregate Web Page We don't have an informational page at this time, but we intend to add one.
Aggregate Status We don't have a status page at this time, but intend to add one.
Layer 2 Connectivity Internet2, NLR, and other KSU aggregates (e.g. [PlanetLab, ProtoGENI, MyPLC @ KSU]).

Experimenter Support

Support KSU Lab user support:
Compatible Tools contains links to the OpenFlow Switching Reference System, NOX, FlowVisor, SNAC, etc.

Using this Aggregate

  • Usage Policy - If you'd like to use the KSU Lab OpenFlow testbed, send mail to, and we'll help determine if our resources are a good match for your needs.

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