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OpenFlow Aggregate Name

GPO Lab OpenFlow Aggregate

This aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement? (11/03/2010).

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Manager URL
Aggregate Resources The GPO Lab OpenFlow testbed consists of three OpenFlow-controlled switches (one each of HP, NEC, and Quanta) and a FOAM-managed FlowVisor controlling them.
Typical Experiments The GPO Lab OpenFlow testbed is suited for experiments that require flexible, programmable network configuration.
Aggregate Status Operational monitoring not widely available, restricted access to monitoring at GMOC
Slice Authorities Recognized GENI Project Office (, ProtoGENI (
Usage Policies The GENI Recommended Use Policy is available.
Layer 2 Connectivity Available for Internet2 and NLR for each of the GPO OpenFlow aggregates (e.g. GPOLab InstaGENI FOAM, GPOLab ExoGENI FOAM, GPOLab ProtoGENI FOAM, and GPOLab MyPLC FOAM?.

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GPO OpenFlow Aggregates

The GPO site has multiple OpenFlow Aggregates and a page is available for each ExoGENI, InstaGENI, ProtoGENI and MyPLC Resource Aggregates to describes their OpenFlow connection details :

Note: The GPO site also has a WiMAX testbed with external VLANs, which is expected to support OpenFlow in the future, but is not currently available for experimenters. WiMAX VLANs include: VLAN 3733 (GPO to Rutgers) and VLAN 3735 (GPO to NYU)

Each of the aggregate listed above access either NLR or Internet2 via the Site's OpenFlow Switch named Poblano, whose connections are captured below:

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Resource Owner GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Technical POC GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Developer Links OpenFlow announcement list:
OpenFlow development list:
OpenFlow discussion list:
OpenFlow Indigo firmware list:
NOX development list:

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