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Aggregate Name

GPO Lab OpenFlow Aggregate

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Resources The GPO Lab OpenFlow testbed consists of three OpenFlow-controlled switches (one each of HP, NEC, and Quanta) and an FOAM-managed FlowVisor controlling them.
Typical Experiments The GPO Lab OpenFlow testbed is suited for experiments that require flexible, programmable network configuration.
Aggregate Web Page We don't have an informational page at this time, but we intend to add one.
Aggregate Status
Layer 2 Connectivity Internet2, NLR, and other GPO aggregates (e.g. [GeniAggregate/GpoLabProtoGeni ProtoGENI] and [GeniAggregate/GpoLabMyPlc MyPLC]).

GPO Lab OpenFlow testbed consisting of three OpenFlow switches available to experimenters: dill (HP ProCurve), poblano (NEC) and bamboo (Quanta Pronto):

(click image for a larger version)

The following diagram captures a detailed view of the GPOLab OpenFlow Aggregate:

No image "GPOLab-OF-Aggregate-detail.jpg" attached to GeniAggregate/GpoLabOpenFlow

NOTE that three of the MyPLC plnodes can only reach the GENI dataplane via Internet2 (ganel, gardil, and sardis), while two can only go via NLR (bain, navis).

These local VLANs map to these inter-campus VLANs:

Local VLAN ID Inter-campus VLAN ID
3715 3715 via NLR
3716 3716 via NLR
3745 3715 via Internet2
3746 3716 via Internet2

Experimenter Support

Guides and Documents is the central repository of OpenFlow documentation, including reference material, tutorials, FAQs, examples, etc.
Support GPO Lab user support:
Compatible Tools contains links to the OpenFlow Switching Reference System, NOX, FlowVisor, SNAC, etc.

Using this Aggregate

Clearinghouses Recognized Clearinghouse
Usage Policies If you'd like to use the GPO Lab OpenFlow testbed, send mail to, and we'll help determine if our resources are a good match for your needs.
Aggregate Manager URL
Sample Rspecs We don't have a collection of these yet, but intend to add one.

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Resource Owner GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Operation POC GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Technical POC GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Developer Links OpenFlow announcement list:
OpenFlow development list:
OpenFlow discussion list:
OpenFlow Indigo firmware list:
NOX development list:

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