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    1616|| Aggregate Resources || An ExoGENI aggregate includes 10 Hosts (8 VM Servers and 2 dedicated PCs ) that can load experimenter specified OS images. Racks  support extensions onto campus  networks. Note PCs are only available via RENCI Global resource manager the ExoSM. !OpenFlow topologies are supported, see [ GPOLab ExoGENI !OpenFlow] page. There are 3 types of ExoGENI racks: [wiki:GENIRacksHome#ExoGENIRacks IBM], [wiki:GENIRacksHome#CiscoGENIRacks Cisco] and [wiki:GENIRacksHome#CienaGENIRacks Ciena]. This site is an ''IBM ExoGENI rack type''.||
    1717|| Typical Experiments || ExoGENI supports both compute and and network resource slivers, that can be managed by either a site specific aggregate manager or by the ExoSM, the RENCI Global Resource Manager. Experimenters can get virtual machines or dedicated PCs on which they have full "root" access, run operating systems of their choice, and connect nodes in an arbitrary topology. Supports campus network connections.  ||
    18 || Sample RSpecs       || ||
    19 || Aggregate Status || Operational monitoring not widely available, restricted access to monitoring at [ GMOC]||
     18|| Sample RSpecs       || [ New Site Confirmation Tests RSpecs] ||
     19|| Aggregate Status || Restricted access to monitoring at [] ||
    2020|| Slice Authorities Recognized ||GENI Portal (, ProtoGENI (  ||
    2121|| Usage Policies || The [ GENI Recommended Use Policy] is available. ||