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Aggregate Name

CENIC OpenFlow aggregate

This aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement (02/10/2014).

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Manager URL
Aggregate Manager URN
Aggregate Manager Common Name cenic-of
Aggregate Resources The CENIC OpenFlow network consists of three Brocade MLXe switches connected through dedicated fiber across the state of California
Aggregate Status Operational monitoring not widely available, restricted access to monitoring at GMOC
Slice Authorities Recognized GENI Portal (, ProtoGENI (
Usage Policies A GENI Recommended Use Policy is available. Site should also add links here to their own usage policies.
Layer 2 Connectivity ION Internet2 LOSA OpenFlow networks

Note: Brocade switches currently do not support idle or hard timeouts.
Please be sure to explicitly delete all flows within your slice manually before starting your experiment and when you finish!

Shared Mesoscale VLAN Port List

CENIC Los Angeles Switch DPID 00:24:38:9e:c2:00:00:00

Name Logical Port NumberConnects To
e3/2 98 Internet2 LOSA (via ION LOSA)
e3/3 99 CENIC Sacramento
e3/4 100 CENIC Sunnyvale
e3/7 103 NPS InstaGENI Rack
e4/1 145 UCLA InstaGENI Rack

CENIC Sacramento Switch DPID 00:24:38:9d:95:00:00:00

Name Logical Port NumberConnects To
e2/3 51 CENIC Los Angeles
e2/4 52 CENIC Sunnyvale

CENIC Sunnyvale Switch DPID 00:24:38:7c:73:00:00:00

Name Logical Port NumberConnects To
e2/2 50 (future connection to Internet AL2S SUNN)
e2/3 51 CENIC Sacramento
e2/4 52 CENIC Los Angeles
e2/5 53 Stanford InstaGENI Rack

Experimenter Support

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator CENIC
Resource Owner CENIC
Technical POC Email