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    1919Collapse All/Expand All - shows all the nodes at their actual locations/adjusts nodes so that they are all visible
    2020VM-1...GN - centers the map on the labeled node
     26= INSTOOLS Portal =
     27[[Image(portal_overview.jpg, link=)]]
     28== What is it? ==
     29The [ INSTOOLS Portal] gives a graphical overview of an experiment and quick access to each node's measurements.
     30Through the Portal you can:
     31 * see the experiment's topology
     32 * display measurement graphs for a node or link, updated in real time
     33 * access each node's Live View web page
     34 * access each node via VNC
     35 * create an Archive point
     36 * access Archived points
     38== Quick Start ==
     39 Use the [ FLACK] client to instrumentize your slice by pressing the "Instrumentize" button. Once the slice is instrumentized, press the "Go to Portal" button. You will automatically be redirected to and logged in to the portal.
     43 * The Experiment's Slice must have been [wiki:Instrumentize instrumentized] using [wiki:InstrumentationTools INSTOOLS].
     44 * Go to the [ Portal], . Please accept our self-signed certificate.
     46 * Enter your slice information into the log on form.
     47  * '''User Name''' used to create the slice.
     48  * '''Certificate Issuer''' the certificate issuer (clearinghouse) associated with your '''User Name'''.
     49  * '''Slice Name''' name of slice to be shown.
     50  * '''Password''' password given when slice was instrumentized.
     51 * Click '''Map Slice''' button to see the mapped layout of the slice topology.
     54== INSTOOLS Portal Interface ==
     55The Portal uses [ Google Maps] to display the network topology for the given slice.
     56The main map components are:
     57 * '''Machine node''' displayed at it's geographical location. [[Image(terminal_purple.png)]]
     58 * '''Measurement Controller''' (MC) displayed at it's geographical location. [[Image(mc.png)]] 
     59 * '''Links''' are displayed as lines connecting the nodes.  [[Image(link_line.png)]]
     60 * '''Menu''' displayed on the right along with Zoom and Centering controls for each machine node and MC.   [[Image(menu.png)]] 
     61 * Chosen '''Graphs''' will be displayed on the left. These are updated every 5 seconds. Mouse over them to enlarge.   [[Image(sample_graph.png)]] 
     64=== Available Actions ===
     65 ==== Menu Controls ====
     67 * Top item is the '''Slice Name'''.
     68 * '''Logout''' to logout of the portal.
     69 * '''Make Archive''' displays the control to create an Archive point.
     70 * '''View Archive''' brings up the Instrumentation Tools Archive Site.
     71 * '''Overview''' resizes map to show all nodes.
     72 * '''Collapse All''' or '''Expand All''' expands or collapses nodes that are in the same geographic location. Expanded nodes are relocated so that they are all visible instead of collocated.
     73 * '''Node Name''' Each node is listed. Click on the magnifying glass to zoom in and center the node. Click on the name to just center the node on the screen.
     75 ==== Control forms ====
     76 Clicking on a Machine Node, MC or Link line brings up a Control form
     77 * '''Machine Node''' [[Image(machine_control_checked.png)]]
     78  * Link to the node's Live View page ('''All Graphs''').
     79  * Link to the node's VNC for access to the machine's Desktop ('''VNC''').
     80  * A list of check boxes for showing the node's graphs. Checked graphs are shown to the left.
     81 * '''MC'''
     82  * Link to the MC's [wiki:INSTOOLSInterface INSTOOLS Live View]('''Main Page''')
     83 * '''Link'''
     84  * A list of check boxes for showing the link's graphs. Checked graphs are shown to the left.
     86 ==== Graphs ====
     87 [[Image(sample_graph.png)]]
     88To add a graph, open the control form for the node or link by clicking on it. Select the check boxes and the corresponding graphs will be shown on the left of the page. Mouseover a graph to enlarge it. Click on a graph to bring up its control form. Double click a graph to open it into its own window.