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    174174=== ns-3 Tutorial ===
    176   ns-3 is a relatively new simulation tool oriented towards networking
    177   research.  This tutorial would introduce new users to the tool and
     176  ns-3 is an open source discrete-event network simulator for
     177  networking research.  One of the main design goals of ns-3 has been
     178  to better enable the integration of simulation with real code,
     179  virtual machines, and testbeds as part of the overall research
     180  workflow.  There is current work on several fronts that has
     181  relevance to GENI.  First, the project is presently working on
     182  automation frameworks for assisting users with managing large
     183  simulation studies and output data and reducing the opportunities
     184  for errors; this type of work for GENI is being conducted by the
     185  services-wg.  Second, a related project from INRIA, known as NEPI,
     186  is working on a control framework for managing hybrid ns-3/testbed
     187  experiments.  Third, ns-3 offers opportunities to blend lightweight
     188  virtual machines and simulated networks on a single host platform,
     189  provides environments for direct code execution of unmodified
     190  application binaries within a simulation context, and allows users
     191  to conduct traditional simulations using native models.  An overall
     192  project goal is to provide researchers with a range of options to
     193  complement testbed-based or field-test-based methodologies.
     195  This tutorial would introduce new users to the tool and
    178196  walk through several examples designed to highlight different ns-3
    179197  features and workflows.