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Session Theme: Experiences with Experimentation using GENI

Working group chair: Jeannie Albrecht

Meeting chair: Ted Faber

Preliminary Agenda

  • Introduction and welcome (5 mins) by Ted Faber (slides)
    • Introductory remarks about the theme and its relevance to GENI Spiral 3
    • Present agenda
  • Experimentation with GENI: Experiences and Recommendations (70 mins)
    • Niels Kasch, University of Maryland Baltimore Campus -- Slides
    • Yoshihiro Nozaki, Rochester Institute of Technology -- Slides
    • Pradeep Padala, DoCoMo Labs -- Slides
    • Jeff Rowe, U.C. Davis -- Slides
    • Steven Templeton, U.C. Davis -- Slides
  • Experimenter workflow in ns-3 by Tom Henderson (15 mins)

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