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Cluster-E and WiMAX Deployment Meetings at GEC9, Agenda and Notes

Tuesday, November 2, 1pm - 4:30pm
Room: Congressional B

Meeting Chair: Marco Gruteser (Rutgers WINLAB)
Co-chair: Tony Michel (Raytheon BBN Technologies)
System Engineer: Harry Mussman (GPO, Raytheon BBN Technologies)

Agenda Slides



1) WiMAX Base Station Installation, Setup and Initial Operation

BBN Manu Gosain:
Slides, including these topics:

WiMAX Build-out Essentials
WiMAX Build-out Status
WiMAX Base Station
BBN Infrastructure
BBN Mobile Stations (Clients)
BBN Experiments
Next Steps

Wisconsin (1724) Suman Banerjee:

Cisco base station up and running.
Have the towers up for base station kit, but not on the air; campus getting AT&T cell overhaul has precedence
Working on integration with NEC base station
Plan to set up 3 stations to cover whole Madison campus

Want vehicle connectivity, including Madison metro transit
Also have a deal with regional bus using 3G
Working on handoffs between 3G, WiMAX, WiFi
See demo tonight

Custom-built WiMAX station on busses

Using Cisco modems, and external WiMAX antenna on the roof
Get 1-1.5 mile range

UMass Amherst (1731) Brian Lynn:

Have our HW
Not planning to use sector antenna; using an omni antenna
Going in to 17-floor bldg
Hope for Dec install

Expensive $6000 for estimate to install

Hope to have connectivity to the busses

Now have 3G connection to busses, and don't expect to replace the 3G
DOME SW (bus node) runs in new brick, but 6250 Intel modem doesn't work (Pau(UCLA) says 6250 works for me)

Also ViSE stations 7 miles away; can these be served?

Polytechnic Institute of NYU (1751) Thanasis Korakis:
Status and Experience

BS in downtown Brooklyn, many high blgs

See ParkNet demo

Installed in library network room, ODU on roof of ECE
Two experimental licenses; would like to make one permanent
OMF up and running for WiFi testbed
Client working:

Laptop with Beceem dongle
EVO running with Sprint ID
Linux with Intel 6250 card working best

Columbia University (1770) Jan Janak for Henning Schulzrinne:
Columbia University WiMAX Campus Deployment and Installation

Received the kit 3 weeks ago
Not operational; hope for 2nd week Nov operational
Hope to cover plaza from Fairchild roof, 12 floors up
Advice: keep the documentation simple to keep costs low

Initial quote was $20,000 to install

IDU in ham radio shack
ODU outside antenna on short pole
Two Intel Centrino cards working on laptop

Colorado: (1768) Caleb Phillips for Dirk Grunwald:

Have hardware except 48V supply
Antenna at existing antenna site
Some competition from another WiMAX service on campus

UCLA (1797) Giovanni Pau:

Recvd all hardware, installed with student labor and scrap pipe

Rely on adjacent bldg lightning protection
Missing GPS coax

Integrating OMF


2) WiMAX Range and Throughput Measurements, and Site Planning

BBN Tony Michel:
Measurements, initial conclusions, potential site planning tools

Polytechnic Institute of NYU (1751) Thanasis Korakis:
Meaurements and plans

WiMAX base setup and measurements measurements are all RSSI only; not testing GRE, DHCP or data transport
Indoor coverage is poor except near the windows that face the plaza

WINLAB Marco Gruteser:

Range to 200-300 meters, distance to Rt 1
Linux PC with 5150/5350 has a lot of problems with connection setup, just like at BBN...worse in weak signal

UCLA (1797) Giovanni Pau:
Use of WiMAX Range Tools, Plans

Software to assess your coverage: Radio Mobile for Windows

3) WiMAX Mobile Stations (Clients)


Windows PC with dongle based on Beceem chips
Linux PC (e.g., Samsung NC10 and Dell Mini) with Intel WiMAX modem card
Android HTC EVO handset
Mobile (vehicular) node with WiMAX modem (various)

BBN Manu Gosain and Tony Michel: Windows PC with dongle based on Beceem chips; Linux PC with Intel WiMAX modem card; and Android HTC EVO handset Slides

Wisconsin (1724) Suman Banerjee: Mobile Access Router, with WiMAX interface

UMass Amherst (1731) Brian Lynn: C1270CW motherboard, miniPCIe slot, WiMAX modem

UCLA (1797) Giovanni Pau: Dual-mode vehicular node

4) Demos/Experiments Planned for GEC9, GEC10

Rutgers WINLAB and NYU Poly Marco Gruteser and Thanasis Korakis: ParkNet demo for GEC9 Plenary

BBN Manu Gosain and Tony Michel: Basic Internet access; range and throughput measurements using Linux PC, and iperf, for GEC10 Slides

Wisconsin (1724) Suman Banerjee: Continuous Vehicular Connectivity through Multiple Wide-area Interfaces demo for GEC9

More work with bus network. Bus company wants to hook up on-bus cameras. Would WiMAX let them test and maintain the cameras more cheaply/easily?

Increase campus coverage; install BS on bus company property, grow coverage in Madison

Have no mobile handoff going yet

GEC10 demo: users on bus in motion, handoff working, between cisco and NEC

(Ivan comment: next base stations will be different. R6 protocol is different between these and original base stations, and is not compatible)

Using mobile station that does cellular+WiFi+WiMAX?

UMass Amherst (1731) Brian Lynn: Plans

Get WiMAX available to all interested researchers/grad students

Want to use WiMAX in their new architecture grant

Polytechnic Institute of NYU (1751) Thanasis Korakis: Plans:

More measurements and get OMF working

WiFi/WiMAX integration

Start some research use WiMAX

Colorado: (1768) Dirk Grunwald: Plans:

Get up and running

Columbia University (1770) Henning Schulzrinne: Plans:

Get up and running


Tony Michel (BBN) suggest that everyone should do a standardized test,including IPERF results

Giovanni Pau (UCLA) doesn't like IPERF...funny buffer behavior

Brian Lynn (UMass) this is a lot of work. Let's think about it

Suman Bannerjee (Wisconsin) we should do a "cross-campus" demo (intercampus)

Ivan: we will do something, maybe UMass-WinLAB.

Brian: could we set up inter-campus VLAN like UMass-BBN?

Ivan: we could tunnel the ASNGW

Ivan: what is the default slice?

5) Spiral 3 Roadmap

As reviewed by GPO with projects:


WiMAX Deployment Roadmap for Spiral 3


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