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GEC9 PlanetLab Cluster Agenda

Status updates from cluster projects (5-10 minutes each, 15 minutes if you are doing a demo)

  • Expedient/OpenFlow status and demo (Srini Seetharaman)
  • PlanetLab status (Andy Bavier)
  • Secure Update status and demo (Geremy Condra)
  • MAX Aggregate Manager status
  • mySlice status and demo (Panayotis Antoniadis, OneLab)

(Break: 2:15-2:45)

  • GENICloud status
  • Supercharged PlanetLab Platform status
  • SCAFFOLD status and demo

Spiral 3 Goals for the PlanetLab Cluster (Vic Thomas)

Breakout groups to discuss experiences and current issues with federation, SFA tools, OpenFlow, myPLC, etc.

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