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GEC9 COMIS agenda

1. International Operations

Camilo Viecco and Dongkyun Kim - GENI International GMOC cooperative efforts with Korea (KGENI) 15 minutes report

Larry Peterson - International federated operations with PlanetLab and sfa 15 minutes report

Julio Ibarra - Collaborating with Brazil, and the IRNC distributed NOC 15 minutes discussion

2. Operational Data Sharing Prototypes

Jim Griffoen and Kobus Van der Merwe - ShadowNet collection and distribution 5 minutes discussion

Seung-Jong Park and Prasad Calyam - CRON testbed and the OnTimeMeasure service 15 minutes discussion

Heidi Picher Dempsey - GEC9 plenary experiments and mesoscale deployment data sharing 10 minutes discussion

3. Concept of Operations

Jon-Paul Herron - Concept of Operations 15 minutes working group review and decision

4. Aggregate Provider Agreements

Adam Slagell - Aggregate Provider Agreement (revised) 15 minutes working group approval

Revised document (draft 0.3) available on GENI wiki:

Most recent COMIS mailing list discussion thread for this draft:

5. Emergency Stop

Jon-Paul Herron Emergency Stop update 5 minutes update

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