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    7676Organizer: [ Rob Ricci], University of Utah
    78 ''Description to be provided.''
     78Many resources are currently available through the ProtoGENI control framework, including hundreds of sliced and "raw" PCs, dedicated layer 2 links, tunneled layer 3 links, and a variety of wireless devices. These resources are available at a number of sites through the ProtoGENI federation, and are already being used by a number of early adopters.
     80This tutorial will provide users new to ProtoGENI with the knowledge they need to begin running experiments and creating slices, and will introduce existing users to powerful new ways of creating and controlling slices. The tutorial will begin with the process of with getting an account at a ProtoGENI site, and will cover topics including: discovering available resources, creating slices, binding resources and users to those slices, and using the resources allocated. As time permits, attendees with be given "hands on" time to create slices of their own with the presenters available to answer questions.
     82As part of this tutorial, the "GENI Instrumentation Tools" project from the University of Kentucky will give a presentation covering the use of their experimenter tools to monitor the behavior of slices.
     84More information is available at and
    8087Audience: GENI users