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    1 '''GEC 8 COMIS Agenda'''
    3 ''Emergency Stop functions up for working group approval''
     2== GEC 8 COMIS Agenda  ==
     5'''Emergency Stop Procedure up for working group approval'''
    57Revised procedure was distributed on the COMIS mailing list and posted on the GMOC GENI wiki page after discussion at GEC7.  The COMIS chairs are recommending that this version of the Emergecy Stop Procedure be approved, based on the rough consensus of the group so far.  Final discussion.
    11 ''Campus Requirements List review and discussion''
     13'''Campus Requirements List draft review and discussion'''
    13 ''GENI Operations Security work review''
     15Following up on discussions at GEC7, the working group has produced a draft list of requirements that campuses hosting GENI prototypes have identified as necessary in order to support GENI projects in operational deployments.  The COMIS working group proposes to review and revise this draft based on mailing list discussion and working group meeting inputs after each GEC.  The goal of this effort is to provide GENI experimenters with concrete data on what campuses need from GENI projects and services.  This data should help developers and designers make decisions on GENI projects, provide useful inputs to other GENI working groups, and make transitions from prototype to operations more likely.  Chairs will lead a discussion of the list content and format, as well as possible ways to proceed.  How should we determine what is "required" for GENI---do all campuses have to list it as required on only a percentage?  How do we track what campuses request of GENI and vice versa when deployments happen?  Do we continue using Wiki information or do we need a more formal way of tracking campus requirements and interacting with each campus?  How does this affect procedures such as Emergency Stop?
    15 ''Draft Aggregate Provider Agreement review''
     17'''GENI Operations Security work review'''
    17 ''GENI Concept of Operations review''
     19Vic Thomas (GPO) will present a brief summary of current project  work with NCSA, GPO, and Cobham, and future plans.
    19 ''Lightning Talks (request via mailing list or by talking to working group chair)''
     21'''Draft Aggregate Provider Agreement review'''
     23First draft was distributed on COMIS mailing list and posted on the mailing list for discussion.  Adam Slagell of NCSA will lead a discussion.
     30'''GENI Concept of Operations review'''
     32The brief GENI Concept of Operations draft discussion postponed from GEC7 will be led by Jon-Paul Herron
     36'''Lightning Talks (request via mailing list or by talking to working group chair)'''