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    99 * Introduction (Robert Ricci, CFWG co-chair)
    10  * SFA v2.0 (speaker TBD)
     11 * SFA v2.0 (Larry Peterson, Princeton, and another speaker TBD)
     13  The control framework projects, along with other key GENI,
     14  have been collaborating on a draft of the "SFA 2.0" (Slice-based
     15  Federation Architecture) document. A draft of this document will
     16  be presented to get feedback from the larger working group, and it
     17  is expected that a revision of it will be put before the working
     18  group for consideration for adopting it as an official WG document.
     20 * Resource Representation Workshops (Ilia Baladine, RENCI)
     22  Workshops about resource representation have been held in conjunction
     23  with GEC7 and GEC8; this talk will report on the highlights of those
     24  workshops.
    1126 * GENI AM API (Tom Mitchell, GPO)
    12  * Resource Representation Workshops (Ilia Baladine, RENCI)
     28  An effort is underway to provide a unified Aggregate Manager API that
     29  is common across multiple control frameworks. An initial version of this
     30  API is available, along with implementations in the PlanetLab and
     31  ProtoGENI CFs.
    1334 * Shibboleth (Ken Klingenstein, Internet2)
     36  An initial integration of the Shibboleth project into the ORCA control
     37  framework allows ORCA to use Shibboleth identity providers; this system
     38  will demonstrated, and its implications for CF architecture will be
     39  discussed.