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Cluster-D Meetings at GEC8, Agenda and Notes

Tuesday, July 22, 12noon - 4:30pm

Introductions (12 noon)

Review of current status near the end of Spiral 2, and plans for Spiral 3

Spiral 2 and Spiral 3 Goals (12:10pm, Mussman)

The following goals have been established by the GPO for Spiral 2.

Goal 1: Live experiments, the central goal of Spiral 2. Support significant numbers of research experiments in the end-to-end prototype systems. The GPO expects live experimentation to begin near the end of Spiral 1, which will intensify through Spiral 2 as we begin continuous operation of the prototype systems. This will begin to give us all substantial (early) operational experience, as these experiments will help us all understand the prototypes' strengths and weakness, which will drive our Spiral 3 goals.
Goal 2: Identity management
Goal 3: Improved integration of data & control planes, within clusters
Goal 4: Instrumentation
Goal 5: Interoperability, permitting clusters to access the widest number of aggregate

For Spiral 3, these goals are reaffirmed, and particularly:

Goal 1: Live experiments
Goal 2: Identity management
Goal 5: Interoperability, permitting clusters to access the widest number of aggregate, including use of GENI AM API

ORCA Software Releases for Spirals 2 and 3 (Baldine, 12:20pm)


The ORCA software releases are currently scheduled for every 4 mo. , and include work done by both Solicitation 1 (1582) and Solicitation 2 (1700) ORCA projects.

ORCA Rel 1.3 10/1/2009

ORCA Rel 2.0 (was 2.1) 2/1/10
ORCA Rel 2.1 (was 2.2) 6/1/10

ORCA Rel 2.2 (was 2.3) 10/1/10

More in Spiral 3?


Current progress on each feature, including:

Known issues

XML-RPC interface

Shibboleth interop

Additional features under consideration for Spiral 3:

Actor Registry and XML-­RPC Controller

Anirban Mandal

+ ORCA Actor Registry

  • Snapshot of available actors from various ORCA containers

— Users can use this for resource discovery and other queries

  • Users can visit to view current set of actors registered with the registry
  • Users can also programmatically query the registry using an XML-RPC interface

+ XML-RPC Controller

  • Goal: Provide an XML-RPC interface to ORCA for experiment control tools and external users
  • Tools/users would use this interface to

. discover available resources
. instantiate and destroy experiment slivers

  • Initial version of ProtoGENI-like XML-RPC interface available on an ORCA SM
  • Generic slice manager acts on behalf of experiment control tools/user
  • Details of control framework hidden from user
  • These interfaces provide a minimal set of features

. DiscoverResources(), CreateSliver(), DeleteSliver()

  • Extended set of features (available later) would include

. GetTicket(), RedeemTicket(), UpdateTicket(), UpdateSliver()
. Support for resource representation using NDL


Ilia Baldine


Brian Lynn


David Irwin


Michael Zink


Mukundan Sridharan


PIs: Xiaolin (Andy) Li

ERM: Embedded real-time substrate measurements for real-time cross-layer experiments

Keren Bergman, Caroline Lai, Michael Wang

LEARN Measurement Handler

Deniz Gurkin

LEARN Network Integration

Shade EL-Hadik


Rudra Dutta


Joe Mambretti, Jim Chen

GEC8 demos/experiments

Plan for GEC9 demos/experiments

Ongoing Cluster D Interactions

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