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     1= Cluster C Agenda =
     3'''Draft, still subject to change'''
     5Total time available: 4:30
     7 * '''Status Reports - 1:00'''
     8  * 5 minutes each, limited to status, not general project descriptions (we've all already heard each other's project descriptions)
     9  * Confirmed presenters
     10    * Guilherme Fernandes, UDel
     11    * Prasad Calyam, OSU
     12  * Focus on interactions (already done, ongoing, or blocking) with other projects in the cluster
     13  * If making resources or services available to users, highlight whether they are available now, or when they are expected to be
     14  * We probably don't need to hear from groups that have done reports recently (eg. on conference calls)
     15 * '''New Project Introdcutions - 0:10'''
     16  * A chance for new projects interested in getting involved with our cluster to introduce themselves - 10 minute talks
     17  * Confirmed speakers
     18   * Jula Cheng, Testbed@TWISC
     19  * More welcome!
     20 * '''Demos for GEC9 - 0:45'''
     21  * Speakers
     22   * Mark Berman, GPO (tentative)
     23   * GENIViolin, Pradeep Padala (confirmed)
     24  * A number of projects are planning to do demos using out cluster members' resources at GEC9.  This will be a chance for them to describe their requirements, ask questions of the cluster members, and get feedback on their plans
     25 * '''Break - 0:15 '''
     26 * '''Experiences with the Reference Component Manager - 0:30'''
     27  * Speakers
     28    * Shin Myung Ki, ETRI
     29    * '''Need a volunteer'''
     30  * 15-minute talks by groups using or modifying the reference CM, with the aim of giving feedback to the developers and lessons to other users
     31 * '''Discussion section: experiences using the control framework (tentative) - 0:45'''
     32  * '''Need volunteers'''
     33  * At the last GEC, we had a few people talk about their experiences using the control framework; we've tried to incorporate this feedback into the CF, the documentation, etc.
     34  *  I would like to get a few people to give short talks about their experiences using or working on the control framework. Preferred would be people who have been building services or can make comments about the security or permissions model. These talks can be short; the goal is to lead into a discussion.
     35 * '''Measurement Discussion - 1:00'''
     36  * Discussion lead: Jim Griffioen
     37  * The goal of this session will be to reach consensus amongst the measurement projects in our cluster about how to approach common framework and representation issues going forward.
     38  * This will be an intermediate conversation between the measurement workshop about a month ago and the measurement WG meeting later at the GEC, to help our groups present a united front where appropriate.
     39  * It will be centered around the document that several cluster members are helping to produce for the measurement working group