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Preliminary Agenda

SFA convergence and what it means to the PlanetLab cluster. (Larry Peterson)

SFI GUI demo. Discuss how aggregate builders and tool builders can leverage it. (Andy Bavier)

Status update from cluster projects (5-10 minutes each, 15 minutes if you are doing a demo)

  • Raven Status Report and Demo (Scott Baker)
  • Secure Update Status and Demo (Justin Cappos and Geremy Condra)
  • MAX Aggregate Manager Status and Demo (Tom Lehman)
  • NetKarma : Capture and Representation of Provenance for GENI Experiments (Beth Plale)
  • GpENI Status Update and Demo (James P.G. Sterbenz, Deep Medhi, Byrav Ramamurthy, and Caterina Scoglio)
  • GENICloud Status (Rick McGeer)
  • VMI-FED Status and Demo (Brian Hay)
  • SPP Status and Plans (Jon Turner)
  • SCAFFOLD Status (Erik Nordstrom)