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~5 minutes - Opening remarks (James Griffioen)

~10 minutes - Experiment scenarios of interest to four year colleges and minority institutions (Paoli Wognakou)

~15 minutes - *New* control framework features for running/describing experiments.

~50 minutes - Tools update: Experimenter tools that are already working and available.

  • PlanetLab Tools (Jeannie Albrecht)
  • ProtoGENI Measurement Tools (Jim Griffioen/Charles Thomas)
  • TIED tools (Ted Faber)
  • Orbit tools (Max Ott)
  • Million Node GENI tools (Justin Cappos)

~15 minutes - Services update: What services are available and, more importantly, how do we use them?

  • ABAC Service (Steve Schwab/Jay Jacobs)

~15 minutes - Wrapup and discussion (Jeannie Albrecht)

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