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Preliminary Agenda

~5 minutes - Opening remarks

~10 minutes - Experiment scenarios of interest to four year colleges and minority institutions (Langston U.)

~20 minutes - Update from control frameworks (about 5 min/CF) . One representative from each CF describes *new* features that have been added for running/describing experiments. Emphasis on new.

~40 minutes - Tools update. What tools are up and working now (and where can you find more info). The focus will be on tools for *users* running experiments. Possible speakers: Jeannie/John from PL CF, Jim/Wisconsin group from PG CF, Ted from TIED, Max Ott from Orbit.

~30 minutes - Services update. What services are available and, more importantly, how do we use them? Services seem less well defined/obvious than tools at this point. Possible speakers are Sonia Fahmy from S3 monitoring project and Michael Freedman from SCAFFOLD. Approx 15 minutes per speaker.

~15 minutes - Wrapup and discussion.

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