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    1 GEC7 OMIS meeting draft agenda
     2= ''Draft'' Agenda for OMIS meeting at GEC7 =
     4The seventh [ GENI Engineering Conference], hosted by Duke University and RENCI will take place March 16 – 18, 2010 in Durham, North Carolina.  The OMIS WG will meet from 3:30 to 5:30 pm on Wednesday, March 17 (the Instrumentation and Measurement working group meets at the same time).
     6This draft OMIS agenda includes topics that people have suggested or requested since the last OMIS meeting.  There is an OMIS teleconference on 2/4 to discuss agenda topics and ordering.  See [ OMIS archives] for more teleconference information.
     8We want to encourage lots of discussion at OMIS meetings, so even though there will be some prepared presentations, they are meant to get people talking.  One of the chairs will "moderate" each topic to make sure we take best advantage of our short meeting time.  Please read the documents and look at any  presentations attached to this page in advance.
     11== Agenda ==
     12 * Administrivia - Jim, Ivan, and Ron
     13   * Introductions, agenda bashing and orientation
     14 * Naming this working group - Jim
     15   * The scope of this working group has changed this year, and there have been some mailing list discussions of how to change the name to reflect this
     16 * Items up for working group review (and possibly approval)
     17   * Emergency Stop functions for operations.  Read the [ ES document]
     18   * Concepts of Operations  Read the [ ConOps document]
     19   * Maintaining an OMIS index to GENI security-releated documents - Adam J. Slagell, NCSA
     20 * Meeting campus needs for operations, integration, and security - Ron
     21   * Reports from projects that have new results to discuss since GEC6
     22     * GENI Comprehensive Security Program (Adam Slagell, NCSA)
     23     * GENI Security Architecture Toolkit (Stephen Schwab, Cobham)
     24     * Spiral 2 security plan (Vic Thomas, GPO)
     25     * Layer 2 backbone, regional, and campus activities (Heidi Picher Dempsey, GPO)
     26   * Comments, complaints and suggestions from GENI campuses based on their experiences since GEC6 - open to all
     27 * Lighning Talks  (depending on available time.  5 minutes max.  Send requests for lightning talks to []