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     392Discussion topics:
     393Are these five services a complete group of I&M services? 
     395Are these good names for the five I&M services?
     397Is this five the right granularity for I&M services?
     399Is this a complete and flexible configuration for I&M services?
     401Can this configuration accommodate the range from small-scale to large-scale implementations?
     403How can we obtain a consensus, so that we can set a firm foundation for the other topics?
     405Interfaces, protocols and schema for measurement data:
     408This topic suggested at GEC6 meeting:  Common schema for MD
     409Can we identify a common set of interfaces, protocols and schema for MD, or at least a limited number of types?
     410What needs to be included in the MD schema?
     413Assume all MD after MPs follows this common set of interfaces, protocols and schema
     414Start with definition of MD schema
     415Next, understand  [8.  MD Transport via GENI Measurement Plane]
     416Then, complete first set of interfaces and protocols
     418From GENI I&M Capabilities Catalog (v0.1), these GENI projects (and others) are working on data schema and/or data archives:
     420perfSONAR for network measurements   (Swany, Univ Delaware, 1788)
     421IMF project  (Dutta, NC State, 1718)
     422Embedded Real-Time Measurements  (Bergman, Columbia, 1631)
     423GENI Meta-Operations Center  (Herron, Indiana Univ, 1604)
     424netKarma:  GENI Provenance Registry  (Pale and Small, Indiana Univ, 1706)
     425DatCat project at   (Klaffy, CAIDA)
     426Crawdad project at  (Kotz, Dartmouth)
     427Amazon Simple Storage Service
     428Data-Intensive Cloud Control   (Zink and Cecchet, UMass Amherst, 1709    )
     429Experiment Mgmt System (Lannom and Manepalli, CNRI, 1663)
     432What can we learn from these projects?
     434Discussion topics:
     436Standardized interfaces between measurement services
     437Pt-to-pt vs pt-to-multipoint (e.g., pub/sub)
     438Stream vs bulk transfer
     439Disconnection operation expected, or not.
     441Protocols for moving measurement data
     442Streaming data
     443Bulk-transfer of data
     445Schema for measurement data
     446Data record identifier
     447Annotation, or meta data
     448Data types and values, with timestamps
     450How can we obtain a consensus on first set of intfc’s/protocols/schema for MD?
     452What is the process for extending the set?
     455GENI measurement plane:
     458Need to understand how MD traffic flows are transported  by the GENI Measurement Plane before the interfaces and protocols for MD can be fully defined
     461Understand current view of GENI Control Plane and Experiment Plane
     462Consider options for GENI Measurement Plane to transport MD flows, using networks that implement GENI Control and Experiment Planes