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    325325v0.1 DRAFT includes proposed I&M services and proposed configuration [[BR]]
     329Provide a comprehensive and ordered list of topics that must be addressed for a complete architecture
     330Identify the priority topics that the WG needs to address first
     331Pull together contributions by the WG though Spiral 2
     335Now :  v0.1 DRAFT completed, by GPO;  see
     336By GEC8:  v0.5 draft, by GPO, with contributions from WG
     337By GEC9:  v1.0 draft, reviewed by WG
     339Document outline:
     340Document Scope
     3412.  Introduction
     3423.  Definition and configuration of I&M services
     3434.  Interfaces, protocols and schema for Measurement Data (MD)
     3445.  Ownership of MD and privacy of owners
     3456.  Interfaces, protocols and APIs for using I&M services
     3467.  Basic GENI I&M use cases
     3478.  MD transport via the GENI Measurement Plane
     3489.  Discovery, authorization, assignment and binding of GENI I&M services
     34910.  Measurement Orchestration (MO) service
     35011.  Measurement Point (MP)
     35112.  Time-stamping MD
     35213. Measurement Collection (MC) service
     35314.  Measurement Analysis and Presentation (MAP) service
     35415.  Measurement Data Archive (MDA) service
     35516.  Additional GENI I&M use cases
     357Based on GENI I&M Capabilities Catalog (v0.1), these GENI projects have comprehensive, end-to-end capabilities:
     358OML (ORBIT Measure Library) in OMF (ORBIT Mgmt Framework) 
     359        (Ott, NICTA  and Gruteser, WINLAB/Rutgers, 1660)
     360Instrumentation Tools
     361        (Griffioen, Univ Kentucky, 1642)
     362perfSONAR for network measurements 
     363         (Zekauskas, I2 and Swany, Univ Delaware, 1788)
     364Scalable Sensing Service
     365        (Fahmy, Purdue and Sharma, HP Labs, 1723)
     367        (Calyam, Ohio Super Ctr, 1764)
     369After considering projects with comprehensive, end-to-end capabilities, here are five services they have in common:
     371Measurement Orchestration (MO) service
     372(p/o Experiment Control service, uses a language to orchestrate I&M services)
     373Measurement Point (MP) service 
     374(instrumentation that taps into a network and/or systems, links and/or nodes, to capture measurement data and format it using a standardized schema)
     375Measurement Collection (MC) service 
     376(programmable systems that collect, combine, transform and cache measurement data)
     377Measurement Analysis and Presentation (MAP) service 
     378(programmable systems that analyze and then present measurement data)
     379Measurement Data Archive (MDA) service 
     380(measurement data repository, index and portal)
     382Expected range of implementations: 
     384Small-scale implementations might put all I&M services within one aggregate, and even in one server
     385interfaces between services would be internal to the aggregate, or even internal to the server
     387Large-scale implementations might have I&M services distributed over many aggregates
     388with measurement data flowing between services
     389with orchestration mechanisms based upon message exchanges
    327395Priority topics: [[BR]]
    328396+  Common terminology;  best granularity of functions  [[BR]]