GEC7 Control Framework Working Group Agenda

Working group chairs: Rob Ricci, University of Utah; Jeff Chase, Duke University
Working group system engineer: Aaron Falk, GENI Project Office

Meeting Minutes

  1. Welcome & Introduction (Rob Ricci)
  1. Talk: GENI Aggregate Manager API (Tom Mitchell, GPO) - 20min - slides
  1. Talk: Recap of stitching discussion on mailing list: general points of agreement and points of disagreement (Aaron Falk, GPO) - 10min - slides
  1. Talk: Authorization, Trust Management, and Identity Management (Jeff Chase, Duke) - 10 min - slides
  1. Talk: GENI Federation Scenarios and Requirements (Sangjin Jeong, ETRI) - 10 min - slides
  1. Panel: Rob Ricci (ProtoGENI), Jeff Chase (ORCA), Max Ott (ORBIT), Rob Sherwood (OpenFlow), David Irwin (ViSE), John Wroclawski (TIED), Aaron Falk (GPO, Moderator) - 70 min
  • Format: optional brief opening remarks from each panelist (no slides) raising 2-3 specific points for panel to discuss
  • Candidate topics: federation, authorization, liveness phases; suggest excluding resource representation (as it will be discussed at the Future of Resource Representations in GENI workshop later in the day)
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