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Cluster-E and WiMAX Deployment Meetings at GEC7: Agenda and Notes

Tuesday, March 16, 1pm - 5pm

Room: Vista
Conference bridge: 866-453-5550 651 3886#
Meeting Number: 791 219 673
Meeting Password: GENInow01

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1:00pm, Introductions

1:05pm, Ivan Seskar:

Update on WiMAX Base Station and WiMAX Client Platform Kits slides

Ivan on 3/1: Cables from roof to equipment room include: dual fiber; power; GPS receiver coax; within 1" dimaeter.

Ivan: Inclusion and choice of GPS antenna, for timing to base station
Candidate is PCTel GPS-TMG-SP-40NGPS timing reference antenna, with integrated lightning protection
TASK: Pick antenna with appropriate gain, and coax cable with appropriate attenuation.

Ivan on 3/16: One server uses kvm virtualization.
Use VLAN tags to identify flows between servers.
Expect to use Best Effort (BE) queue on WiMAX base station, so that can individually control flows in ASN GW.
Giovanni: Prefers zen for virtualization, since lightweight.
Max: Likes kvm virtualization, since easy to setup.

Ivan on 3/16: NEC antenna in kit is 120 degree antenna, intended to cover one sector.
If campus prefers 306 degree, omni-direcitonal antenna, needs to purchase separetely.
NOTE: Preference for each campus shown below.
TASK: Provide spec for mni-direcitonal antenna

Ivan on 3/16: Showed clients:
Intel 5130/5150 WiMAX modules, see
USB dongles
Samsung netbook
Samsung handset

Max on 3/16: Android handset has a virtualized micro kernel

1:30pm, Harry Mussman, and all:

Status and plans of all seven GENI WiMAX meso-scale campus deployment projects:
Included below are notes from 3/1 call, 3/16 meeting, and some recent calls or emails.
Information in Status is now updated.

Columbia University (1770) PI: Henning Schulzrinne
Henning on 2/8: Starting application process with IT. Likely site to be on engineering building, near amateur radio station.
Ivan on 3/1: Application completed.
TASK: Verify current status with Henning, antenna 360 or 120 degree?

Polytechnic Institute of NYU (1751) PI: Thanasis Korakis
Thanasis on 2/8: Starting applciation process. Likely site on EE building.
Thanasis on 3/1: Application completed 2/22, for two sites: EE and Admin buildings. Equipment expected in EE building.
Ivan on 3/1: Cables from roof to equipment room include: dual fiber; power; GPS receiver coax; within 1" dimaeter.
Thanasis on 3/16: Equipment in EE building 100m from antenna, antenna 360 degree

UCLA (1797) PI: Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau
Giovanni on 3/1: Applying for license. Likely site is top of student housing building, on a hill.
Givanni on 3/16: Applying for license next week, up to 6 locations.
Expects to need 300m from antenna to equipment, antenna 120 degree

Wisconsin (1724) PI: Suman Banerjee
Suman on 2/8: Have license, using it with current Cisco base station, owned by Educational Communications Board. Will be applying for a second license.
Have three good sites: one for Cisco, one for this kit, and would like to get a second kit for third site.
Suman on 3/1: Plan to apply for second license this week.
Suman on 3/16: Have agreement to purchase a 2nd kit from NEC. With this, will have three base stations, enough to cover the campus. Antenna, 120 degree

UMass Amherst (1731) PI: Mark Corner, Brian Lynn
Brian on 2/8: IT has license that they want to retain. Mark has applied for a second license; pending.
Three possible sites: Top of library building, 20 stories, with equipment room in building. Top of graduate research center building, few stories, with equipment room in building. Top of CS building, few stories, without a good equipment room.
Brian on 3/1: Same as above; no news on license application.
Brian on 3/16: Received license last week! Need to pick site. Antenna 360 or 120?
Need to virtualize clients, using zen

Colorado: (1768) PI: Dirk Grunwald, Gary Yee Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
Dirk on 2/8: Have eight sites with 802.11 antennas, ranging from high (6 km range) to low (within clutter of buildings). Another group on campus runs a WiMAX system inside a lab. Starting application process for experimental license. University has leased license to Clearwire, but may some use may still be possible.
Dirk on 3/1: Trying to understand how might use university license. Plan to apply for license this week. Have site and equipment room on Williams Village Building, less than 10m apart.
Gary on 3/16: Getting started on license.
Clearwire expected to begin service in Denver area May, 2010.
Also expect Clearwire to begin service in other areas by the end of 2010. Which areas?
Antenna 360 or 120 degree? Dirk and Gary on 3/26: In Denver area, Clearwire using E&F bands.
Expect Univ Colorado to lease 34MHz A1-3,B1-3 blocks to Clearwire near campus, and beyond.
Negotiating with Univ Colorado for 12MHz A4/B4 blocks near campus, but expect them to be leased to Clearwire beyond campus.
Applying for experimental license in C&D bands today
Working with campus IT on getting VLANs to Internet2
Turnup in early June, 2010 is possible.
Will contact Sprint/Clearwire, to ask about cooperation with GENI, and perhaps info on their 2010 and beyond roadmap

BBN Technologies, Cambridge MA Tony Michel is our radio expert; Chaos Golubitsky is responsible for our testbed.
Tony on 2/8: See above and wiki page. Have applied for two licenses; pending. Site survey completed.
Tony on 3/1: Have received first license, 10MHz overlapping Sprint/Clearwire. Applied 1/12, received 2/24. Need to change emission designator.
Tony on 3/16: 360 degree antenna. Tony on 3/29: Received second license, 5MHz band, not overlapping with Clearwire

Stanford Univ
Masayoshi Kobayashi on 3/16: Currently, WiMAX site is indoors only, in the Gates building.
Have new agreement with Clearwire to utilize some of their spectrum for on-campus service.

NEC America
On 3/16: Currently indoors only.

Additional campus kits:
1st for BBN Technologies on order
2nd for Wisconsin on order

Kamesh Namuduri on 3/16: Univ North Texas interested in kit to do research

Ray on 3/16: Would prefer to get existing deployment underway, and then consider a 2nd round of kits beginning in 5+ mo.
New kits would be Profile C
Expect NEC would like to see orders for 40-50, if possible

Ivan on 3/16: Limited spares, from Rutgers and/or NEC

Ray on 3/16: Expect standard range information from NEC in 2+ weeks.
Max on 3/16: Should consider planning tools seen at 3G trade shows, to estimate ranges.

Harry on 3/30: Clearwire buildout in 2009: info
Clearwire buildout in 2010: info

2:00pm, Dipankar (Ray) Raychaudhuri:

Research use cases.
Please think about the research you want to do, and provide email or input on the wiki; can help drive design of kit and software.

2:30pm, break.
3:00pm, Ivan Seskar:

Federation of testbeds on multiple campuses.
How to connect via backbone, i.e., Internet2 with Layer 2 connections, or Layer 2 tunnels.
How to control from a remote location.
What are first multi-campus demos for GEC8?

Current Layer 2 connectivity from Ruthers/WINLAB to NICTA via Internet 2 and AARNET:

3:30pm, Gautam Bhanage, Max Ott, Ivan Seskar:

Tutorial on WiMAX setup, including how to use OMF slides
NOTE: Tutorial at Rutgers this summer, before GEC8?

4:15pm, Ivan Seskar:

Basic "bringup" use case, for use on campus to verify installation; also useful for later regression tests.

4:30pm, adjourn

Note: Everyone is invited to attend Demo at ORBIT/WiMAX demo at demo session on 3/16, 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Ivan on 3/1:
1) Demo of mobile OMF with location based control and WiMAX support
2) Poster and table space for GENI BaseStation Kit hardware

Note: Everyone is invited to a WiMAX BOF dinner (or beer) event on Tuesday evening, starting at 8:45pm at Bull Durham Bar in the GEC hotel; please respond at

Wednesday, March 17, 1pm - 3pm

1:00pm, Ivan Seskar:

Answer questions from campus deployment projects

2:30pm, adjourn

Note: Each project is invited to attend the OMIS meeting at GEC7 on Wednesday, 3/17, 3:30pm - 5:30pm

One topic of discussion: GENI Security Plan, which will affect all operating aggregates by the end of Spiral 2

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