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DRAFT Agenda for Cluster-E and WiMAX deployment meetings at GEC7

Tuesday, March 16, 1pm - 5pm

Conference bridge: 866-453-5550 651 3886#

Meeting Number: 791 219 673
Meeting Password: GENInow01

To join this meeting (Now from iPhones too!)

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the meeting password: GENInow01
  3. Click "Join Now".
  4. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

1:00pm, Introductions

1:05pm, Ivan Seskar:

Update on WiMAX Base Station and WiMAX Client Platform Kits

Inclusion and choice of GPS antenna, for timing to base station

1:30pm, Harry Mussman, and all:

Status and plans of all seven GENI WiMAX meso-scale campus deployment projects:

Columbia University (1770) PI: Henning Schulzrinne

Polytechnic Institute of NYU (1751) PI: Thanasis Korakis

UCLA (1797) PI: Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau

Wisconsin (1724) PI: Suman Banerjee

UMass Amherst (1731) PI: Mark Corner, Brian Lynn, Thijs deVries

Univ. of Colorado, Boulder: (1768) PI: Dirk Grunwald

BBN Technologies, Cambridge MA Harry Mussman, Tony Michel

Stanford Univ (status?)

additional campus kits:

2nd for Wisconsin
Univ North Texas?

2:00pm, Dipankar (Ray) Raychaudhuri:

Research use cases.
Please think about the research you want to do, and provide email or input on the wiki; can help drive design of kit and software.

2:30pm, break.
3:00pm, Ivan Seskar:

Federation of testbeds on multiple campuses.
How to connect via backbone, i.e., Internet2 with Layer 2 connections, or Layer 2 tunnels.
How to control from a remote location.
What are first multi-campus demos for GEC8?

3:30pm, Gautam Bhanage, Max Ott, Ivan Seskar:

Tutorial on WiMAX setup, including how to use OMF

4:15pm, Ivan Seskar:

Basic "bringup" use case, for use on campus to verify installation; also useful for later regression tests.

4:30pm, adjourn

Note: Everyone is invited to attend Demo at ORBIT/WiMAX demo at demo session on 3/16, 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Ivan on 3/1:
1) Demo of mobile OMF with location based control and WiMAX support
2) Poster and table space for GENI BaseStation Kit hardware

Note: Everyone is invited to a WiMAX BOF dinner (or beer) event on Tuesday evening, starting at 8:45pm at Bull Durham Bar in the GEC hotel; please respond at

Wednesday, March 17, 1pm - 3pm

1:00pm, Ivan Seskar:

Answer questions from campus deployment projects

2:30pm, adjourn

Note: Each project is invited to attend the OMIS meeting at GEC7 on Wednesday, 3/17, 3:30pm - 5:30pm

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