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    4848 Stanford Univ  (status?)  [[BR]]
     5111:15am         Status and plans of all seven GENI WiMAX meso-scale campus deployment projects:[[BR]]
     52                Columbia University (1770)      PI: Henning Schulzrinne [[BR]]
     53                Henning on 2/8:  Starting application process with IT.  Likely site to be on engineering building, near amateur radio station.  [[BR]]
     54                Ivan on 3/1:  Application completed.
     56                Polytechnic Institute of NYU (1751)     PI: Thanasis Korakis [[BR]]
     57                Thanasis on 2/8:  Starting applciation process.  Likely site on EE building. [[BR]]
     58                Thanasis on 3/1:  Application completed 2/22, for two sites:  EE and Admin buildings. Equipment expected in EE building. [[BR]]
     59                Ivan on 3/1:  Cables from roof to equipment room include:  dual fiber;  power;  GPS receiver coax;  within 1" dimaeter.
     61                UCLA (1797)     PI: Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau [[BR]]
     62                Givanni:  Applying for license.  Likely site is top of student housing building, on a hill.  [[BR]]
     64                Wisconsin (1724)        PI: Suman Banerjee [[BR]]
     65                Suman on 2/8:  Have license, using it with current Cisco base station, owned by Educational Communications Board.  Will be applying for a second license.  Have three good sites:  one for Cisco, one for this kit, and would like to get a second kit for third site.  [[BR]]
     66                Suman on 3/1:  Plan to apply for second license this week.  [[BR]]
     68                UMass Amherst (1731)    PI:  Mark Corner, Brian Lynn [[BR]]
     69                Brian on 2/8:  IT has license that they want to retain.  Mark has applied for a second license;  pending. Three possible sites:  Top of library bduilding, 20 stories, with equipment room in building.  Top of graduate research center building, few stories, with equipment room in building.   Top of CS building, few stories, without a good equipment room.   [[BR]]
     70                Brian on 3/1:  Same as above;  no news on license application.  [[BR]]
     73                Colorado: (1768) PI: Dirk Grunwald Univ. of Colorado, Boulder [[BR]]
     74                Dirk on 2/8:  Have eight sites with 802.11 antennas, ranging from high (6 km range) to low (within clutter of buildings).  Another group on campus runs a WiMAX system inside a lab.  Starting application process for experimental license.  University has leased license to Clearwire, but may some use may still be possible.[[BR]]
     75                Dirk on 3/1:  Trying to understand how might use university license.  Plan to apply for license this week.  Have site and equipment room on Williams Village Building, less than 10m apart.
     77                BBN Technologies, Cambridge MA  Tony Michel is our radio expert;  Chaos Golubitsky is responsible for our testbed.[[BR]]
     78                Tony on 2/8:  See above and wiki page.  Have applied for two licenses;  pending.  Site survey completed.  [[BR]]
     79                Tony on 3/1:  Have received first license, 10MHz overlapping Sprint/Clearwire. Applied 1/12, received 2/24.   Need to change emission designator.
    5086 additional campus kits:[[BR]]