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GEC7 demos, updated 1/27 and 2/3

Note: Projects should correct and expand this list.

LEARN: Use RENCI/BEN's Infinera DTNs for the demonstration of the measurement handler software together with IMF project. Remote connect to local ORCA; by GEC8, control LEARN

KanseiGenie: Instrument Kansei. For regression analysis of wireless link properties, demonstrate the use of the two testbeds Kansei and NetEye through a unified user interface.

ViSE: VLAN connections from sensors, through NLR, to RENCI or EC2.

DOME: Management interface, 900-MHz radios,...

IMF: Gather data from BEN, distribute with Pub-Sub system

ORCA/BEN: Connect multiple sites via NLR, e.g., demo floor to ?

iGENI: Provisioning two 10Gbps links, Starlight via NLR to RENCI. Dynamic provisioning of the paths. Novel high-performance protocols.

iGENI: Towards extended Cluster D connectivity.
Direct fiber from Starlight to Ohio State, and other sites.
Will be using QinQ to mitigate numbering issues.

ORCA/BEN, iGENI and UMass: Demo from UMass to demo floor
+ Take CASA software, ship radar data via VLAN to demo floor, process data there, visualize on a map.

Connectivity for demos

+ Planning on a demo, RENCI, iGENI, UMass
+ Both first day, and plenary
+ BBN will map VLAN, from UMass to BBN, to NLR FrameNet
+ To setup path: David Irwin, Chaos Golubitsky, Chris Heermann, Jim Chen
+ Pending: UMass direct connection to NLR FrameNet
+ Pending: BBN will get Cisco 3750, which can be used later
+ Pending: x2 NLR FrameNet ports for Starlight

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