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GEC7 Cluster C Agenda

Note: This agenda is still a draft


Our cluster time on Tuesday will be used for:

  • Status reports: short (5 minute) reports about project status
  • A 'cluster demo session'
    • Because it's hard for those giving demos in the demo session to go around and see others' demos, and because it's particularly important for cluster members to see each others' demos, we'll be using this time as a sort of "dress rehearsal": a chance to present our demos, one at a time, to each other.
    • Demos (not necessarily in the order in which they'll be presented):
      • Justin Cappos: Million Node GENI
      • Prasad Calyam: OnTimeMeasure
      • Puneet Sharma/Sonia Fahmy: Scalable, Extensible, and Safe Monitoring
      • Jim Griffieon: Instrumentation Tools
      • Rob Ricci: ProtoGENI Experimenter Tools
      • M. Shin: ETRI virtualized programmable platform
    • Email Rob Ricci or Vic Thomas if you are interested in doing a demo in this session.


The Cluster C meeting on Wednesday will be focused discussion around three technical topics. All discussions are expected to be highly interactive; each topic will be introduced by a short talk, and then turned over to the attendees for discussion.

  • ProtoGENI Credentials: Discussion leader - Rob Ricci

Rob will present the current state of credentials in ProtoGENI: the types of credentials that are currently supported and which operations require which credentials. He will also discuss some of ProtoGENI's recent work . The purpose of this discussion will be to find where ABAC can fit in, and what additional credentials and permissions other cluster members are interested in.

  • Measurement Projects: Puneet Sharma and Sonia Fahmy, HP Labs - more discussion leaders needed

Some good conversations have started among the projects doing measurement in our cluster. We'll continue these, devoting some of our cluster meeting time to the topic.

The main goals are:

  1. Agree on specific projects that the measurement groups will pool resources on
  2. Make sure there is no, or at least minimal, duplication of effort
  3. List of the resources (all across protogeni) that can be measured/instrumented, and to discuss whether there is a single measurement infrastructure that should be general enough to run/manage them all
  • User Feedback: Discussion leaders - Prasad Calyam and Weiping Mandrawa, OAR - Ted Faber, USC/ISI

Over a dozen people from outside Utah have been exercising the ProtoGENI interface to create slices. This is your chance to give feedback on how well they are working: what's working well, what's not working, and what missing features are giving you the most trouble?

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