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Preliminary Agenda


10 minute status reports by PlanetLab cluster projects

  • Andy Bavier, Princeton: Resource specification update on PlanetLab and VINI
  • Guru Parulkar, Stanford: OpenFlow update
  • Rick McGeer, HP: SFA meets the Cloud
  • Tom Mitchell, GPO: SFA reconciliation between ProtoGENI and PlanetLab
  • John Hartman, Arizona: Raven
  • Justin Cappos, UW: Secure Updates
  • Tom Lehman, ISI: MAX Facility and Aggregate Manager
  • Chris Small, IU: Netkarma
  • Brian Hay: Virtual Machine Introspection for monitoring GENI end hosts (VMI-FED)
  • Mike Freedman, Princeton: SCAFFOLD

Dry-run demos

  • Marco Yuen, University of Victoria: Federating Eucalyptus Clouds via the SFA
  • Chris Small, IU: Netkarma demo
  • Brian Hay, VMI-FED demo

Please contact Andy Bavier for a speaking or demo slot.


Identify and resolving any SFA-related issues that are impeding the progress of project teams. We expect that developers will separate into groups focused on different aspects of the SFA and PlanetLab. Potential topics of discussion are: defining RSpecs, building a new Aggregate Manager, configuring MyPLC/MyVINI, etc.

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