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Agenda for OMIS meeting at GEC6

The sixth GENI Engineering Conference, hosted by the University of Utah, took place November 16 – 18, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The OMIS WG met from 3:30 to 5:30 pm on Tuesday, November 17.


  • Administrivia - Introduce new WG Chairs (Heidi, Jim, and Ivan)
    • Introduction, agenda bashing and orientation
    • Note that charter needs revising, think about it during discussions
  • Lightning Talks (about 5 mins each)
    • Virtual Machine Introspection (Brian Hay)
    • GENI Federated Clearinghouse (Giridhar Manepalli)
    • OpenFlow Campus trials at IU (Chris Small)
    • OpenFlow Campus trials at U Wisconsin Madison
    • Campus and backbone network engineering experiences (Steve Corbato)
    • K-GENI (Dongkyun Kim)
    • ETRI (Jin Ho Hahm/TBD)
    • Quilt Regional Networks integration assistance (Jen Leasure)
    • others, if requested -- we're especially interested in hearing about integration of new projects added for Spiral 2
  • Layer 2 integration concerns (Heidi Picher Dempsey) <This section of the meeting did not happen, as the lightning talks were longer than expected>
    • What can/should the WG do/suggest to make this work better
    • Some war stories with lessons learned
  • Meeting campus needs for operations, integration, and security (Jim Williams)
    • Reports from existing/new projects
      • Comprehensive Security Program (Adam Slagell, NCSA)
      • Attribute Based Access Control (Stephen Schwab, SPARTA)
      • GENI Meta Operations Center (Jon-Paul Herron, Indiana University)
    • Hopefully input from existing and new campus folks and lots of discussion
  • How researchers do GENI experiments from their location (Ivan Seskar)
    • After brief discussion, we adjourned to the Experiment Workflow and Services working group meeting to join them for a panel discussion on the same topic.
  • Charter Revision discussion/brainstorming <this discussion was moved to the mailing list>

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