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Draft Agenda for OMIS meeting at GEC6

The sixth GENI Engineering Conference, hosted by the University of Utah, will take place November 16 – 18, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The OMIS WG will meet from 3:30 to 5:30 pm on Tuesday, November 17. This is already tight on time, but any suggestions for other topics that should be added, or lightning talks you'd like to do, can be brought up during "Agenda Bashing".

We're trying a slightly new format this time. We'll start with some lightning talks to get people reved up on discussion, then Heidi Jim and Ivan will each lead discussion on a specific topic. The idea is to get as much open discussion of what's involved in each of these areas. There may be one or more short talks to frame the topic, but the time should mostly be used for open discussion around the room.


  • Administrivia - Introduce new WG Chairs (Heidi, Jim, and Ivan)
    • Introduction, agenda bashing and orientation
    • Note that charter needs revising, think about it during discussions
  • Lightning Talks (about 5 mins each)
    • Quilt Regional Networks integration assistance (Jen Leasure)
    • others, if requested -- we're especially interested in hearing about integration of new projects added for Spiral 2
  • Layer 2 integration concerns (Heidi Picher Dempsey)
    • What can/should the WG do/suggest to make this work better
    • Some war stories with lessons learned
  • Meeting campus needs for operations, integration, and security (Jim Williams)
    • Reports from some existing projects
    • Hopefully input from some campus folks and lots of discussion
  • How researchers do GENI experiments from their location (Ivan Seskar)
    • Overlaps with Experiment Workflow WG which is at same time, we may coordinate with that WG and after some discussion of OMIS-specific aspects adjourn to join them for a panel discussion.
  • [If we don't adjourn in previous item and still have time] Charter Revision discussion/brainstorming
    • If we don't get to this in SLC, we'll start it up on the mailing list afterwards

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