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Agenda for Cluster-D meetings at GEC6

Nov. 16, 1pm

  • Project Introductions (please concentrate on vision and Spiral 2 critical milestones)
  • ORCA Anacortes 1.2 discussion
  • Missing/future features
    • Lease cancellation. Is it useful? How would you use it?
    • Broker querying. Existing functionality and future enhancements.
    • Other Spiral 2 planned ORCA features as identified in the roadmap.
  • Federation issues
    • Combining existing experimenter portals with ORCA actors and ORCA portal
    • Identity management. How are you doing it? What are your plans? What should we do cluster-wide?

Nov. 17, 1pm

  • Cluster-D connectivity
    • Existing connectivity to Internet2, NLR and other fabrics
    • Dataplane stitiching discussion (includes presentation from iGENI)
    • Accessing substrate not directly connected to public internet (i.e. NAT/firewall traversal)
  • Resource representation
    • ORCA plans to embed declarative resource specifications using NDL (visit similar discussion at the CF WG as well)
    • Co-existence of alternative resource representations in a single framework
  • GEC7 demo planning

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