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Experimenter Tools and Services WG Meeting at GEC5

Tuesday 21 July 2009 from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Topics to be Addressed

  • How are experiments specified in each of the Spiral 1 clusters? What are the declarative and procedural aspects of this specification?
  • How is this specification used by the tool chain available to experimenters?
  • What are the experimenter tools in a cluster that might be ported to other control frameworks?
  • What assumptions do tools make about the control framework? What assumptions might be specific to their control framework?

DRAFT Agenda

3.30pm - 3.40pm Goals and deliverables of the WG; Documents status Vic Thomas
3.40pm - 3.45pm Report on the GENI Measurement Workshop Joel Sommers slides
3.45pm - 4.05pm ORBIT experimenter tools Max Ott
4.05pm - 4.25pm ORCA experimenter tools Yufeng Xin and David Irwin
4.25pm - 4.45pm ProtoGENI experimenter tools Rob Ricci
4.45pm - 5.05pm PlanetLab experimenter tools Jeannie Albrecht
5.05pm - 5.25pm TIED experimenter tools Ted Faber
5.25pm - 5.30pm Wrap-up

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